Vesak Celebration

About the Festival

Since Shakyamuni Buddha passed away into parinirvana nearly 2,600 years ago, it has been a time-honoured tradition for all Buddhists to commemorate His birth, enlightenment and parinirvana at Vesak.

Vesak is a joyful time when followers of all Buddhist traditions pay homage to the Buddha with extensive offerings of lights, flowers, incense and other pleasing gifts. It is a time to recall the great kindness of the Buddha for bestowing the 84,000 teachings of the Dharma and to honour those great teachings by strengthening one’s resolve to practise the path to liberation and enlightenment.

Our Event at a Glance

Since the 1990s, ABC has commemorated Vesak with a big-scale festival of prayers and dharma activities. The aim has always been to welcome the public in celebrating this sacred occasion with us and to provide a host of activities that everyone can take part in and benefit from.

Our community and neighbours have come to expect the appearance of our large white tent at the Aljunied MRT Open Ground at Vesak time, accompanied by an entourage of holy statues and objects, maroon-robed sangha, and altars covered with lights and flowers.

Spanning three to four days, ABC’s Vesak Celebrations have provided thousands of visitors with numerous opportunities to accumulate vast oceans of merit through a wide and often creative range of holy activities that include:

  • Offering bath to the infant Buddha
  • Offering gold leaf to the Buddha
  • Offering gold coins to the 21 Taras and to the Dzambhala wealth deities
  • Offering oil lamps, candles and flowers to the Buddha
  • Sponsoring a variety of special prayers and pujas
  • Attending Dharma talks by qualified and learned teachers
  • Reciting holy sutras and mantras
  • Circumambulating holy objects with light offerings

Over the years, our Vesak Celebrations have welcomed a wide following of regular visitors from our neighbourhood and beyond who have been supportive of our activities, drawn by their unanimous respect for the Buddha during this special time.

This year, Vesak Celebration 2017 marked ABC’s twentieth consecutive year of hosting our festival at the vacant land beside the Aljunied MRT Station. To commemorate the twentieth anniversary, we featured the history of our Vesak celebrations and the amazing volunteers and friends who made it possible in a two-part video. Watch “20 Years @Aljunied” to learn more about ABC’s Vesak Celebration:

On Our Calendar

Vesak Celebration is held every year in May, in conjunction with Vesak Day.

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