Vesak Celebration

Our celebration of Vesak, honouring the Buddha’s enlightenment and parinirvana, is a large-scale festival held over three to four days in May, where we welcome the public to participate and benefit from a programme of merit-making activities that includes pujas, Dharma talks, and opportunities to make abundant offerings to the Buddha.

Vesak is a joyful time when followers of all Buddhist traditions pay homage to the Buddha with extensive offerings of lights, flowers, incense and other pleasing gifts. It is a time to recall the immeasurable kindness of the Buddha for bestowing the 84,000 teachings of the Dharma and to honour the great Teacher who taught the unexcelled path to liberation and enlightenment.

Our Vesak Celebration has been a staple feature on our calendar since we began organising it in the early Nineties. It is held at the Aljunied MRT Open Ground just across the street from our building. We offer visitors numerous opportunities to accumulate vast oceans of merit and receive virtuous imprints of the Dharma through a wide and creative range of holy activities that include:

  • Offering bath to the infant Buddha
  • Offering gold leaf to the Buddha
  • Offering gold coins to the 21 Taras and to the Dzambhala wealth deities
  • Offering oil lamps, candles and flowers to the Buddha
  • Sponsoring a variety of special prayers and pujas
  • Attending Dharma talks by qualified and learned teachers
  • Reciting holy sutras and mantras
  • Circumambulating holy objects with light offerings

Over the years, our Vesak Celebration has attracted a wide following of regular visitors from our neighbourhood and beyond who come together to celebrate the Buddha during this special time.