Sutra Readings

Reciting any part of the Buddha’s speech is considered to be extremely virtuous, enabling the reader to accumulate vast stores of merit through expressing the Dharma taught by one who achieved the sorrow-less state of enlightenment.

Those with an interest in reciting the Mahayana sutras taught by the Buddha can take part in sutra reading sessions that we organise from time to time, especially on merit-multiplying days such as the Saka Dawa 15th and Wheel Turning Day. Reciting the sacred words of the Buddha from the Golden Light Sutra or the Sanghata Sutra together with a group often brings a sense of peace and quiet accomplishment to the reader.


This sutra makes beings supremely serene, utterly alleviates sorrow and afflictive emotions, utterly removes all forms of harm and utterly overcomes hundreds of thousands of afflictions.

– Golden Light Sutra