Food Drive

JINPA for Our Community is a food distribution project that ABC organises twice a year in partnership with the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), in aid of the less fortunate in Singapore. Since its launch on 13 April 2013, this family-oriented event has been warmly received by our members and their friends, with over 200 volunteers readily coming on board each time to carpool and deliver bags of groceries across the island to households identified by the CDAC. It is a cause that holds broad appeal for people who may not be Buddhist, but who are happy to chip in to do their part for charity.

ABC contributes a share of the funds towards the bulk purchase of basic food and household items, bolstered by additional donations from members and private sponsors. The actual food distribution day is an action-packed Saturday that begins with volunteers assembling at the centre for a group briefing before collecting supplies and heading off on their deliveries. With the enthusiasm that accompanies this active aid for the needy, the project has lived up to its name—Joy IN Practising Altruism (JINPA) for Our Community. The word ‘jinpa’ is Tibetan for generosity.


Along with love, compassion is the face of altruism. It is a feeling from deep in the heart that you cannot bear others’ sufferings without acting to relieve it.

– His Holiness the Dalai Lama