Out of boundless compassion and infinite wisdom, the Buddha is said to have given 84,000 teachings in his lifetime. He gave these vast and profound teachings so that sentient beings would be able to eradicate all suffering by travelling the path to enlightenment, the state of Buddhahood. Beyond the appearances of mere ritual and mystical worship, real Buddhist practice begins with reflective and analytical learning.

At Amitabha Buddhist Centre, students benefit from our tradition that places emphasis on understanding the entire path of the Buddha’s teachings. From taking baby steps towards discovering Buddhism to exploring deeper levels of Buddhist concepts, we offer courses to suit varying levels of ability, interest and age groups. Our comprehensive study programme centres on imparting a proper understanding of the Buddha’s teachings through which anyone who practises can actively transform and enrich their lives.


Without studying, it’s like a dark room at night. Dark, you can’t see anything. As you bring light, as the sun shines in the country, in this world, in the room, when light comes, by studying Dharma, by studying philosophy, the extensive teachings… it’s like light lighting your heart. Like you have an extra eye opened, the wisdom eye opened.

– Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Classes are organised all year round on topics ranging from basic meditation, to introductory Buddhist courses, to more advanced studies of Buddhist philosophy. Conducted mainly in English, the classes are taught by a well-qualified team of teachers. Notably, our resident teacher Khen Rinpoche Geshe Chonyi is an expert in Buddhist dialectics and holds the equivalent of a doctorate from Sera Je Monastery in India.