Meditation for Beginners


Learn how to develop meditative concentration (samadhi) through the practice of mindfulness of the breath, bodily sensations and states of mind. By relaxing the body and stilling the mind from myriad webs of distractions, from the incessant colouring of our own mental landscapes, the mind is able to clearly see and understand for the first time, how our auto-habitual tendencies continuously condition our perceptions and reactions, resulting in unhappy, unsatisfactory and sometimes undesired outcomes.

You will be taught basic meditation techniques that will help you to understand the workings of your mind better, enabling you to develop a more positive outlook and empowering you to find peace and balance in the midst of daily life.


The five sessions will cover:

  • The purpose of meditation practice
  • How to develop mental calm and concentration
  • How to develop mindfulness
  • Visualisation techniques

Suitable for: Beginners in meditation and those with basic knowledge
Taught by:
Wee Geok Hua
Schedule: Currently not scheduled


How do we fill up the emptiness in our heart? The answer is meditation.

– Lama Zopa Rinpoche