Merit, Purification and Blessing


A common analogy in the teachings describes our current state of mind as being a field that is deprived of the necessary conditions, such as moisture and nutrients, to produce a bountiful harvest. It is taught that without the cooperative conditions, it is extremely difficult to produce the path to enlightenment in our minds.

The cooperative conditions are: the accumulation of merit, which is the favourable condition; and the purification of our mind from obscurations, the unfavourable condition. The teachings say that we should purify our mind with the seven branches of worship, the method for accumulating merit and purifying obscurations.

Based on the seven-branched worship, this course provides an in-depth understanding of the special means to create merit, purify obscurations, and receive infinite blessings in one's own heart in the quickest time. Participants will get to engage in the actual methods for these topics:

  • The factors for accumulating extensive merit and powerful purification
  • The benefits of making offerings
  • Confessing negativities through the practice of “Confession to 35 Buddhas” and the Vajrasattva meditation and recitation practice
  • The mandala offering
A clear and firm understanding of these topics is indispensable to further learning and practice of Buddhism, including the stages of the path to enlightenment.

Suitable for: Anyone with faith in the Buddha’s teachings and who would like to put what they learn from this course into practice

Taught by:Venerable Tenzin Gyurme

Schedule: Currently not scheduled