Animal Liberation

Animal Liberation practice actively encourages us to develop compassion towards animals by saving them from danger, from being killed for food. This is the immediate goal. More importantly, we create the cause for them to be liberated from future rebirths in the lower realms, and give them the imprints to meet with the Buddha’s teachings.

Our Animal Liberation primarily focuses on liberating countless sea creatures such as crabs and other shellfish, which are defenceless against being fished and caught to satisfy the constant demand for seafood.

The prayers are done according to a practice advised by our Spiritual Director, Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Besides circumambulating the animals around stupas and other holy objects, special powerful mantras are recited for them that can purify heavy negative karma. Bottles and sometimes, buckets of water are blessed by the reciting of these mantras. The water is poured over the animals just before they are released into the sea.

Everyone can participate in Animal Liberation, including young children. The merits of this practice are frequently dedicated for the health and wellbeing of spiritual teachers, family and friends, or on behalf of anyone for whom prayers have been requested. Online donations and dedications can be made at Animal Liberation Fund.

Schedule: 2nd Sunday of the month, 10 am
Venue: Prayers at ABC followed by the actual release at sea