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Dharma for Seniors


Retiree seniors can receive the immeasurable benefits of the Buddha’s teachings through this specially tailored class. During each session, Khen Rinpoche recites in Tibetan from the “Perfection of Wisdom Sutra in 8,000 Verses”. Just by listening to the recitation, one can accumulate skies of positive imprints and purify eons of obscurations through the power of the Buddha’s teachings.

Participants also learn simple practices, such as how to chant mantras, recite prayers and make prostrations—Dharma activities that help our seniors accumulate merit. Bring your parents or other seniors you know to this once-a-month class. It’s never too late to meet the Buddha’s teachings.

Khen Rinpoche teaches in English, with the aid of a Mandarin interpreter.

Suitable for: Senior citizens who have little or no knowledge of Buddhism
Taught by:
Khen Rinpoche Geshe Chonyi
Schedule: Every 1st Sunday of the month, 10.30 am – 12 pm (The final session of 2017 is on 1 October 2017. Classes will resume in the first quarter of 2018.)

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这个活动是特别为退休乐龄人士量身定做的,让他们从听闻佛法中获得无上的法益。堪仁波切将在每一堂课以藏文念诵《般若八千诵》。 以此听闻佛法的利益,积累如天般广大的善的习气,以佛法的力量,净化累劫的无明恶习。

通过这个活动,出席者也可以学习到简单的修行方法,如念诵咒语、经文和做大礼拜———能帮助积福德、消业障的修行方法。 您可以带父母或认识的乐龄朋友出席这个每月一次的活动。值遇佛法,从不恨晚。

格西措尼堪仁波切以英语开示, 现场备有中文翻译。

适合: 少许佛法知识或完全没有佛法知识的乐龄人士

导师: 格西措尼堪仁波切