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Read on to find out how you can support Amitabha Buddhist Centre in our vision to benefit all sentient beings in the Dharma.

Suppport ABC

As an independent non-profit Buddhist organisation, Amitabha Buddhist Centre relies on the generosity of our members and benefactors to fund all our projects and activities that are aimed at preserving and spreading the Buddha’s teachings, and benefiting all sentient beings with the precious Dharma. Any contribution, big or small, towards helping us accomplish our goals of the Dharma, is greatly appreciated.

In addition to our online facility, residents in Singapore can visit the centre to make a donation through our office, or deposit cash into our designated collection boxes.

Address: No. 44 Lorong 25A Geylang
Singapore 388244
Opening Hours: Tuesdays – Saturdays, 10:30 am – 6 pm
Sundays, 10 am – 6 pm
Closed on Mondays and public holidays
(The office is open till 7.30 pm when evening sessions are scheduled)


Use the directory below to donate directly to single or multiple funds. Select your choice by simply clicking on the name of each fund. You will be automatically directed to the next page to complete your PayPal transaction.

Most Needed

We highlight our Building and Maintenance Fund and General Fund as areas where contributions are needed most at this time.

Building and Maintenance Fund

Help support the upkeep of Amitabha Buddhist Centre with our on-going expenses of maintaining our seven-storey property, including our prayer halls. Contribute to the payment of repairs and service needed for the building, electricity, and facilities that include air-conditioning, the elevator, communications and security systems, and the lights, which includes our extensive offering of 120,000 lights on the roof.

General Fund

Your offering to this all-important fund will help ensure that the centre runs smoothly as we manage a busy schedule of classes and prayer sessions, and a full-time office. Chip in towards our general expenses that range from utilities such as water, to office supplies, administrative and housekeeping needs. It is vital for us to preserve a healthy bank balance in our General Fund as it supports all our other funds if ever called for.


All Projects

Any amount offered to the funds here is an opportunity to create skies of merit, by directly contributing to pujas, liberating lives, printing holy Dharma texts, and offering food and resources to the Sangha community.

ABC Puja Fund

Receive the vast benefit of sponsoring our pujas all year round as this fund goes towards the purchase of extensive offerings, including food items, lights and flowers that are offered during our regular practice sessions, as well as at our annual festivals.

Animal Liberation Fund

Your contribution goes towards our monthly and ad hoc Animal Liberation sessions, where we purchase large quantities of marine life and release them back to sea after they have received the benefit of countless mantras and other practices that bless and liberate their mind streams.

Free Publications Fund

Support our Free Publications, where we publish a wide range of Dharma material—thousands of holy sutras, books by spiritual masters, select CD and DVD recordings—and distribute them for FREE so that as many people as possible can benefit from learning the Dharma.

Sangha Support Fund

Contribute to the day-to-day support and expenses for ABC’s resident sangha, including our Resident Teacher, and sangha guests who visit from time to time to assist in our prayer festivals, render service or teach.


Other Funds

None specified at this time. Please select this option if you would like to specify a donation of your choice.