Qing Ming Puja

Qing Ming with 100 Torma Offerings

Honour your ancestors and departed loved ones with a ritual to sweep away their karmic debts

Sunday 2 April 2017, 2 – 4:30 pm

Performed by Khen Rinpoche Geshe Chonyi and ABC Sangha

During the traditional Qing Ming festival, we invite you to take part in a ritual of compassionate giving to the 12 types of guests and dedicate the merits accumulated to your ancestors and deceased family members. Your prayers and dedications for those who are connected by blood ties will sweep away their negative karma and lead them towards favourable rebirths.

The 100 Torma Offering Ritual

Generating the vast compassionate qualities of Chenresig [Guan Yin], two kinds of offerings are made to the transcendental and worldly deities: first, water is blessed and offered to the wealth deities White and Yellow Dzambhala. The blessed water is also offered to the hungry ghosts, intermediate state beings and the nagas.

With a bodhicitta motivation, specially prepared dough balls are then offered to the 12 types of guests, transformed into oceans of nectar that satisfies them:

  • Transcendental guests—lineage lamas, meditational deities, the 3 Jewels, Dharma protectors, sages and wealth deities
  • Worldly beings—local deities, landlords, yakshas, interferers and spirits
  • Sentient beings of the six realms
  • Hungry ghosts
  • Spirits to whom we owe karmic debts from our past acts of killing, beating and stealing
  • Intermediate state beings
  • Remaining guests, the most pitifully weak among the hungry ghosts

Offering to the transcendental guests invokes their blessings. Offering to the worldly beings dispels harms and clears karmic debts. Through this 100 Torma Offering Ritual [Tibetan: torma gyatsa] we accumulate the merit of having pleased the respective guests by our generosity.

Confession Practice to the 35 Buddhas

The puja will include the purification practice of Confession to the 35 Buddhas that you can take part in. By reciting the names of the 35 Buddhas together with making prostrations, you can dedicate the merit accumulated to your ancestors or relatives with the aim of purifying their karmic obscurations.

  • Dedications can be made for the benefit of all persons, living or deceased
  • Donations are voluntary and any amount is welcome – donate online here
  • To make both dedications and donations please visit our office now to 2 April
  • All who are present get to sip the water blessed by the Dzambhala wealth deities

All are welcome!