Regular Practice


Guru Puja

Guru Puja [Tibetan: ‘Lama Chöpa’] is a profound and inspiring practice for developing faith and devotion to our spiritual masters and the Three Jewels. Training to rely on the guru is the root for generating the realisations of the entire path, completing the collections of merit and wisdom that lead to enlightenment. With the guru merit field as the object, one engages in an extensive practice of the seven-branched worship—paying homage, making offerings, confessing faults and so on—with the wish to attain the highest of aspirations.

Schedule: Tibetan 10th and 25th of the month


Supreme field of merit, my perfect, pure Guru,
Through the power of having made offerings and respectful requests,
I seek your blessings, saviour and the very root of happiness and goodness,
That I may come under your joyful care.

– Guru Puja